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Bora Pharmaceuticals Completes the Acquisition of Upsher-Smith
Plant C Is Open for Business
Upsher-Smith’s new 270,000 sq. ft. manufacturing wing is now in operation!

Upsher-Smith now offers even more for our partners

We plan to use Plant C to:

  • Leverage its new capacity for packaging, distribution, logistics, and warehousing—for our own products, but also for those of other companies who wish to partner with us as their contract manufacturing organization (CMO)
  • Draw upon our long-standing, award-winning relationships with distributors
  • Burnish our 100-year history of excellence in manufacturing

Current manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Solid Oral Dose
  • Unit Dose Blisters
  • Unit Dose Liquid in Cups
  • Liquid in Bottles
  • Powder Sachets
  • Powder in Bottles
  • Powder in Cans
  • Contract Packaging

Contact if you want to partner with US!

Video Tours of Plant C

Watch the overview video about the space. Click on the vignettes to learn more about some of the unique features and state-of-the-art equipment offered.

Overview Video

Process Control System

Solvent Dispensing

Environmental and Safety

Wash in Place

Fluid Bed

Weighing and Dispensing


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