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Bora Pharmaceuticals Completes the Acquisition of Upsher-Smith
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At our core we’re a manufacturer of medications, with a mission to help improve lives.

Fast Facts About Upsher-Smith

We’ve been in business for 105 years

Unlike many American pharma companies, we actually manufacture in the U.S.

We have 450+ employees

Most of our office positions offer a hybrid work arrangement

We have 4 Employee Resource Groups

Volunteerism is encouraged, and we even grant time off to do it

We manufacture, pack, or distribute 1.9 B doses each year

Our generic drugs come in the form of tablets, gels, capsules, topical powders, oral (drinkable) suspensions and ophthalmic solutions (eye drops) and they help treat a variety of medical conditions

Move Up in Your Career at Upsher-Smith

Join a company that values inclusiveness, authenticity, flexibility, and giving back.

Besides manufacturing, we offer positions—many of them hybrid—in quality, human resources, operations, technical services, engineering, marketing, sales, legal, regulatory, IT, and finance, with plenty of opportunity for advancement.

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