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Upsher-Smith in 2024: Statement on What We’re Committed to, and Capable of, Doing in the New Year
More Than 100 Years of History and Counting
Upsher-Smith continues to grow in its reputation as a trusted U.S. pharmaceutical company.

Since 1919

Our diverse array of generic and branded products help manage a wide range of conditions, from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, to migraine headaches and seizure disorders.

Now into our second century, Upsher-Smith has stayed true to our Midwest roots while building a global portfolio for tomorrow. And like our founder, we continue to draw inspiration from improving the health and lives of patients, and the prospect of working with our partners to create a healthier world.

Our History

Pharmacist and chemist F.A. Upsher Smith establishes his own pharmaceutical company.

Upsher Smith builds it’s business on refining digitalis, an advancement that ensured heart-failure patients could receive a consistent, quality dosage of the drug.

Ken Evenstad buys Upsher-Smith in 1969. Under his direction, the company develops many successful products.

Upsher-Smith begins marketing Klor-Con® (Potassium Chloride Extended-Release Tablets, USP), one of the top-selling drugs in its history.

The company opens new headquarters in Maple Grove, Minnesota and undergoes an expansion the following year.

Japanese generic company Sawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. acquires Upsher-Smith.

Upsher-Smith celebrates 100 years in business, capping a century of serving patients.


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