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Bora Pharmaceuticals Completes the Acquisition of Upsher-Smith
Meet the Team

Executive Team

Our Executive Team is comprised of leaders who reflect the values from both Upsher-Smith and our owner, Bora Group.

Bobby Sheng

Bobby Sheng

Chairman and CEO

Bobby Sheng, Chairman and CEO of Bora Pharmaceuticals, the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Taiwan, has propelled the company to unparalleled success in the pharmaceutical industry. Under his guidance, Bora Pharmaceuticals has become a global leader, known for its innovative and efficient approach to healthcare solutions. Sheng has overseen a remarkable 7000% increase in the company’s market capitalization in just seven years. His strategic acumen and adept navigation of the industry’s complexities have cemented Bora’s position as a titan in the sector.

His leadership has garnered prestigious awards for the company, including recognition as the “Most Outstanding Company of the Year” and the Presidential Award for “The Most Innovative Company of the Year.”

Beyond business, Sheng is a philanthropist, actively contributing to various causes and demonstrating a commitment to societal well-being. Bobby Sheng’s influence extends far beyond Bora Pharmaceuticals, shaping the global healthcare landscape.


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