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Bora Pharmaceuticals Completes the Acquisition of Upsher-Smith
We Strive to Improve the Health and Lives of Patients

About Upsher-Smith

Our story began in 1919, when English-born pharmacist and chemist Frederick Alfred Upsher Smith started a company to refine digitalis. Working from a laboratory in downtown Minneapolis, his innovations helped thousands of people struggling with cardiac disease.

More than 100 years later, we at Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC are still carrying out our original founder’s commitment to help improve the health and lives of patients. We offer a broad array of generic and branded medications, and our portfolio continues to grow. We know that our customers have many options to choose from in the marketplace, but we believe they repeatedly choose us because we go above and beyond—striving for uninterrupted supply, quick delivery and in-depth account and patient knowledge.


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