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Upsher-Smith in 2024: Statement on What We’re Committed to, and Capable of, Doing in the New Year

Upsher-Smith: Peace of Mind with a U.S. Manufacturer in the Evolving Global Generics Market

For many Americans, getting a generic medicine involves a simple trip to a local pharmacy or a quick check of their mailbox. But for people who really know the industry, the picture is more complicated—and, too often, more fragile.

As industry professionals know well, the generics market is facing many destabilizing forces, among them, increased regulation, decreased financial stability and intense global competition. In this kind of environment, pharmacy retailers and distributors need pharmaceutical manufacturers they know and can trust to literally deliver the goods.

We at Upsher-Smith have proven ourselves to be that partner. Here’s how:

  1. Vigorous adherence to new regulation. As we enter 2024, the U.S. generics market is on the brink of a significant transformation, mandated by the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), which necessitates pharmaceutical manufacturers to adopt intricate and standardized serialization practices for the enhancement of product traceability and safety. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently extended the enforcement timeline for the new electronic prescription tracking system by one year, the journey to compliance has been a formidable challenge for our team at Upsher-Smith, as well as for the broader industry.However, it is important to note that Upsher-Smith has been at the forefront of internal readiness and has been actively collaborating with downstream partners to ensure a seamless implementation of DSCSA. This commitment to excellence has been fortified by the recent opening of our state-of-the-art, 270,000 square-foot U.S.-based manufacturing facility. With this foundation in place, Upsher-Smith is not only prepared, but positioned to meet the forthcoming regulatory demands, ensuring the continued delivery of safe and traceable pharmaceutical products to our valued customers.
  2. Strong financial foundation. We take pride in our lack of debt, healthy cash flow, and the ongoing investments in our product pipeline and manufacturing facilities. Our customers are increasingly appreciating these solidly dependable attributes in the current challenging marketplace.
  3. Reliable supply. As we witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, offshore suppliers can sometimes leave U.S. patients vulnerable when their home countries ban the export of medical supplies, or our own shores may delay the importation of finished product supply. We’re also in an era of increased drug shortages, where rock-bottom generic prices are driving drug manufacturers to eliminate the production of certain products they can no longer afford to produce and distribute in the U.S. As a U.S.-based manufacturer and consistent contributor toward our nation’s stable supply of quality medications, our customers can count on us to provide product supply at terms that are reasonable now and into the future. It’s a reputation we’ve lived up to for more than a century and seek to maintain.
  4. An attractive U.S. profile. It may seem counterintuitive, but being a manufacturer that actually manufactures in America makes us an attractive partner to drug development companies in all parts of the world. They recognize the value not only of our U.S. market location and history with the FDA but also the hard-won trust we’ve earned from American customers. We’ve also been honored more than a dozen times by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) with their Distribution Industry Awards for Notable Achievements (DIANA) Award—showing our consistent company-wide commitment to product support and supply.

Here at Upsher-Smith, we dependably deliver outstanding pharmaceuticals that provide peace of mind. In today’s challenging global supply environment, during a time when some of our competitors can make few guarantees, we strive to help pharmacists to achieve the best possible patient outcomes as they earn the trust of those patients supplying their medications.

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