Open to Innovative Products and Partnerships

Partnerships are crucial to our success. We can’t do it alone, which is why we choose to partner with those with similar goals in mind. Working with both domestic and international companies allows us to bring a wider range of products to market and serve a larger base of customers.

The benefits of partnering, we believe, are a two-way street. As a prospective business partner, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver value for the following reasons:

We’re flexible. As a privately held company, we’re open to creative deals and unique approaches to those deals. Our size allows us to move quickly on emerging opportunities. We have versatile resources to anticipate changes and adjust when the situation requires.

We have range. Upsher-Smith has been in business for almost 100 years—a long lifespan that brings with it a broad and deep track record. We’ve worked with a variety of U.S. and international partners, from multi-billion dollar corporations to small private firms, and we’ve worked in a variety of markets, from generics to branded medications and consumer products. We rely on our institutional knowledge, accumulated over a century’s worth of journeys taken and customers served, to help us prudently manage our company’s growing and diverse portfolio.

We provide a high level of support. We’re known throughout the industry for our commitment to quality, our consistency of supply and our cultivation of relationships. From the beginning, any company we do business with gains direct and intimate access to key decision makers. Then, once a deal is struck, we’re able to support a product end-to-end throughout all stages of its lifecycle—from initial development by our onsite R&D department through promotion. Our multifaceted inside and outside sales teams are equally experienced at applying traditional and innovative approaches to both branded as well as generic products, providing range across a product’s lifecycle no matter what the opportunity may call for.

Though we are open to a variety of opportunities, we currently have a special interest in:

  • Multisource products with barriers or challenges to competitive entry
  • U.S. distribution agreements with brand and generic international companies

For more information, please contact our Corporate Development team at