Upsher-Smith’s Giving Philosophy

Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC has a long-standing tradition of funding external, independent, not-for-profit organizations in an effort to simplify access to treatment and deliver better health outcomes. The support we provide is aligned with our efforts to provide therapies and solutions which measurably improve individuals’ lives!

Only requests for events scheduled in the future will be considered for review by our Grants and Contributions Committees. Upsher-Smith is committed to compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards and policies.

Grants and Contributions are awarded at Upsher-Smith’s sole discretion. We reserve the right to decline any Grant and/or Contribution request.

Corporate Sponsorships:

A Corporate Sponsorship is generally defined as a payment to not-for-profit organizations, such as patient advocacy groups or physician societies, where a tangible benefit is exchanged and the resulting payment is not 100% tax deductible. Examples of Corporate Sponsorship activities include, but are not limited to, fundraising dinners, walks, summits, galas and patient education.

Independent Medical Education (IME) Grants:

An Independent Medical Education (IME) grant is generally defined as education for healthcare professionals provided by an independent education provider. An IME grant must meet a legitimate health education objective, include an assessment to determine the effectiveness of the training, and be developed and executed independently of Upsher-Smith.

Investigator-initiated and Sponsored Research (IISR):

An Investigator-initiated and Sponsored Research (IISR) is generally defined as unsolicited, independent clinical research where the investigator or the institution (academic, private or government) serves as the Sponsor and Upsher-Smith provides support in the form of study drug and/or funding. Upsher-Smith’s IISR program supports innovative clinical studies that address important medical and scientific questions in our therapeutic areas of interest.

Research Collaborations:

A Research Collaboration is generally defined as funding provided to an organization or institution (academic, private or government) for a research-related activity or project, where one or more separate and distinct companies, in addition to Upsher-Smith, seek to advance shared objectives. Upsher-Smith may be involved in the creation of output and/or receive the right to use materials being created (e.g., MJ Fox Foundation Pre-Clinical Tools Consortium).

Charitable Contributions:

A Charitable Contribution is generally defined as a donation to a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization, where no tangible benefit is exchanged (100% tax deductible).