Being healthy is important to us

Health and wellbeing is important to everyone at Upsher-Smith. Living a healthful lifestyle can reduce stress and the occurrence of injuries and illnesses. Upsher-Smith encourages its employees to use the Benovate wellness program, which helps track healthy activities.

Employee assistance programs can offer assistance for dealing with life stresses including relationship, financial, legal, parenting, elder care, and family issues. Confidential support is available to all of our employees 24 hours a day through our employee assistance program.

Time off allows employees to rejuvenate. Utilizing Paid Time Off (PTO) is a great way for employees to balance home life responsibilities and to take some time for themselves. Upsher-Smith encourages employees by offering a competitive PTO policy, allowing leave of absence when necessary, supporting employees to do volunteer activities during work hours, and helping employees who want to donate PTO hours to other employees in need. Employees receive 3 weeks of PTO during their first year of service. Forty hours are granted upon hire and on the 1 year anniversary. Additional PTO will be earned at the beginning of 3, 5, 10, and 15 years of service. Upsher-Smith provides 12 paid holidays, which are designated prior to the start of each calendar year.