A great work/life integration makes all the difference

We are committed to a philosophy of integrating work and life at Upsher-Smith. From our programs devoted to family, wellbeing, and education to our devotion to serving the community, Upsher-Smith remains committed to providing employees with the time and resources they need to be at their best.

Flexible work arrangements are supported by Upsher-Smith to balance work and home life. The types of flexible work arrangements available are dependent on the specific position. Some arrangements are not possible for certain positions and are dependent on the size of the department. Flexible arrangements can be creative and can include part-time work, job sharing, compressed work weeks, working at home, and occasionally adjusting hours as needed.

“Upsher-Smith is committed to a work environment that encourages all employees to balance their work and home life. While there will always be some limitations to the flexibility that can be offered in any given position, we strive to support the needs of our employees while simultaneously meeting business needs. We embrace innovative solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of life commitments as well as business challenges.”

—Mark Evenstad, CEO