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We believe in helping patients whenever we can. Keeping patients informed through educational websites and materials, as well as providing healthcare professionals with a broad range of supportive patient tools, is part of our larger goal of providing access to quality, affordable therapies. Offering generic products gives patients in need an economical option.


Because we’re grounded in pharmacy, we’ve never forgotten where we came from. Our recognition of and dedication to this profession remains as strong today as when our company began in 1919. We understand and value the key and crucial role pharmacy plays in the health of patients.


Upsher-Smith works closely with general practitioners, epileptologists, neurologists, nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants to provide them with the highest level of support. Whether it’s product samples, patient education, patient access and affordability programs, or other in-office tools, if there is a way we can help them improve the health and wellness of their patients, then we will strive to find and deliver it.