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Upcoming Events

The following is a list of events where the Upsher-Smith Corporate Development team plans to have representation:

NCPA Multiples Conference
February 22-25, Clearwater, FL

HDA Distribution Management Conference (DMC)
March 12-15, Indianapolis, IN

March 20-23, New York, NY

ASAP Global Alliance Summit
April 3-5, Tampa, FL

NACDS Annual Meeting
April 22-25, Palm Beach, FL

NCPDP Foundation Board / Work Groups / Annual Conference
May 5-11, Phoenix, AZ

HDA Business and Leadership Conference
June 11-14, Colorado Springs, CO

NCPDP Joint Technical Work Group Meetings
August 2-4, Spokane, WA

NACDS Total Store Expo (TSE)
August 12-14, San Diego, CA

October 24-26, Barcelona,Spain