Our products address a variety of needs from prenatal nutrition to dermatology to heart health, and more

We feel that the products we provide are the right products, and they serve a variety of patient needs. We address many conditions, give prescription and nonprescription options, offer brands, and provide a wide range of generic products. Our areas of focus include women’s health and consumer products.

People rely on the products we make. We are committed to pursuing better products and making them consistently available for the people who need them. Our line of brands addresses a wide variety of conditions and is focused on the areas of women’s health, branded generic products, and consumer products.
We also provide generic products, which help treat conditions including spasticity, schizophrenia, acute mania, hypertension, bladder instability, and more. We are devoted to making our products as accessible as possible and providing a consistent supply for consumers at pharmacies. Upsher-Smith has a track record of delivering generic products that are high quality, so we encourage you to learn more on the following product pages.
Need a quick reference to all our products? This easy-to-navigate overview displays our complete portfolio in alphabetical order. Better yet, each product includes a brief description, plus quick links to websites and prescribing information, where applicable.