National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Willard B. Simmons Independent Pharmacist of the Year Award

Excellence-awardUpsher-Smith is proud to sponsor the annual NCPA Willard B. Simmons Independent Pharmacist of the Year award. This award recognizes an independent pharmacist for exemplary leadership and commitment to independent pharmacy and to their community. The award is named in honor of someone who exemplified these qualities: Willard B. Simmons, a former executive secretary of NCPA (then the National Association of Retail Druggists) and long-time NCPA Foundation trustee.

“Upsher-Smith recognizes the increasingly important role that independent and community pharmacists play in health care today,” said Mark Evenstad, CEO of Upsher-Smith Laboratories. “We are proud to support the NCPA in honoring these dedicated individuals, who improve the lives of patients and serve their communities.”

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Willard B. Simmons Independent Pharmacist of the Year Award Winners

National Alliance of State Pharmacy Association (NASPA) Excellence in Innovation Award

Excellence-awardThe NASPA Excellence in Innovation Award recognizes and honors a qualified pharmacist who has demonstrated significant innovation in his or her respective practice, method, or service directly or indirectly resulting in improved patient care and/or advancement of the profession of pharmacy. The award is presented annually by participating state pharmacist associations, including those in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

“Upsher-Smith Laboratories is proud to sponsor the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Association Excellence in Innovation Award that recognizes the vital role played by pharmacists in advancing patient care,” said Mark Evenstad, CEO, Upsher-Smith Laboratories. “We are pleased to honor the leaders and innovators in the pharmacy profession today, and look forward to a future working together to continue to help improve the lives of the people we serve.”

“We are very excited to have Upsher-Smith continue this long tradition of recognizing pharmacists that are instrumental in improving patient care through innovation,” said Rebecca Snead, EVP and CEO of NASPA. “The advancement of the profession of pharmacy only occurs through the dedicated effort of individual pharmacists and this award recognizes those efforts.”

NASPA Excellence in Innovation Award Winners

2016 (Click here)

2015 (Click here)

2014 (Click here)

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