Rooted in a long and proud tradition of supporting pharmacists

At Upsher-Smith, we have always valued pharmacists, which is why the principles of pharmacy are woven into our very foundation. We never forget that the work pharmacists do is critical for both patients and other healthcare professionals.

Today, the father-son team of Ken Evenstad, Chairman, and Mark Evenstad, CEO, remains committed to leading the company on its mission to improve people’s lives through development of high-value, high-quality therapies, solutions, and partnerships that simplify access, deliver better health outcomes, and enhance life. Our perspective is not more products, but the right products to make people’s lives better.

As our company evolves, our goal remains the same: to assist individuals in making the best use of medicines. This means producing and providing reliable, affordable, high-quality products that improve lives. At every level of our business, we are driven to be the best and to meet our customers’ needs.