Upsher-Smith continues to seek new opportunities


Upsher-Smith is currently seeking in-licensing opportunities in the CNS therapeutic area for conditions such as epilepsy, movement disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease. We are also looking for generic products across a range of conditions.

With a successful track record of collaboration in licensing and acquiring innovative products, and as a trusted partner to many leading pharmaceutical companies, Upsher-Smith offers expertise in:

  • Conducting clinical trials to support safety and efficacy
  • Preparing and managing submissions for the FDA review process
  • Commercialization and distribution of products to the retail and wholesale trade
  • Marketing and sales promotions through our field and corporate sales forces, participation in conventions and professional meetings, professional and patient advertising, patient education, and other media

In addition, Upsher-Smith offers pharmacists and physicians a varied range of product support, which includes samples, patient education, and medical and drug information, as well as online resources.