Research Collaborations

A Research Collaboration is generally defined as funding provided to an organization or institution (academic, private or government) for a research-related activity or project, where one or more separate and distinct entities, in addition to Upsher-Smith, seek to advance shared objectives. Upsher-Smith may be involved in the creation of output and/or receive the right to use materials being created.

The Upsher-Smith vision is to deliver therapies and solutions that measurably improve individuals’ lives. In this endeavor, we collaborate with research institutions in all phases of drug research and development through funding of projects where there are shared objectives.

Our collaborative research interests are focused on discovery and development of CNS therapeutics, primarily for treatment of epilepsy and movement disorders, and more specifically, research that improves…

…the bioavailability of a drug to the brain
…the reliability of drug efficacy evaluation in animal models in translation to the human disease
…our understanding of the pathology of the disease related to potential for drug therapy intervention
…or optimizes pharmaceutical manufacturing including novel application of technology

Research Collaborations will be considered based on available funds and alignment with Upsher-Smith interests.